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Cherry Media Productions produces small scale documentaries around the world highlighting poverty alleviation strategies, courageous people and social justice case studies.  Cherry Media believes film-making combined with digital media, should be used as a creative outlet to help ordinary people and non-profit enterprises tell their own 'true stories'.

Digital Storytelling
is a term that arises from a grassroots movement, which uses new media  to express narratives  as digital web-based stories. 

If you have something or someone you want to showcase or expose, we can help.

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Buying Confidence on Credit from Brianna Mersey .

Human Trafficking: a Canadian Perspective from Brianna Mersey.


Buying Confidence on Credit:
"We had the CD releasing ceremony. Mr. Narendra, Executive Director of Bank of India- the third largest public sector banks of India, released the CD. Though Brianna was not here, all the speakers (including the one sending this mail!) whole heatedly appreciated the brilliant work done by her. In fact, Dr. Thingalaya openly told every body that '.... I had my own apprehensions about this charming Canadian girl coming out with a wonderful documentary like this. Hats off to her.' Those were his words. (I only endorse them!!) Congratulations to you! Already, few people have approached us and sought our permission to use the CD in their Micro Finance training sessions."
- Dr. M S Moodithaya
Director - Justice K S Hegde Institute of Management

Human Trafficking:
"Brianna I received the video today and wanted to compliment both you and Angela on your work.  I feel you have captured the essence of the human trafficking problem here in Canada.  Unless you have an objection I would like to use the video on some of my training/awareness sessions."
- RCMP Human Trafficking Awareness Coordinator

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