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The most important decision that the owner of a website will ever make involves choosing a reliable, accessible and cost-effective web host. This is because choosing a host will influence the way in which your company is showcased on the World Wide Web.

Essentially, a web host is a company that will allocate space on a server for your company’s website while also providing you with internet connectivity. The two key factors which influence the choice of a web host for any business is uptime and affordability. Hosting uptime refers to the total percentage of time the host is accessible via the internet. Ideally, what any business wants is for its website to be up and running 100% of the time, although most hosting companies claim to plan for 99.9% uptime to include server restarts and planned maintenance. It is vital that the web host your business selects is reliable in terms of meeting its uptime goals, in order for your website to maximize its accessibility to your target audience.

The aim of Cherry Media is to match the needs of your organization such as email; database or multi-media services, with the capabilities of eligible web hosts and to select the host that will provide the most consistent service at the most cost-effective price. The web host your business uses, influences everything, from your daily business operations to your content management systems. Cherry Media has the necessary resources and web savvy know how that will enable you to make an informed decision on web hosting for your organization’s website.

Cherry Media works closely with Bluehost - they have provided exceptional, reliable services.

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