Video Production & Storytelling

Simply said, video has evolved over the last decades from being an entertainment form, to being an intensive form of communication and a useful source of information. Today, with social media applications like YouTube and Vimeo, video is fast-becoming a quintessential marketing tool.

Corporate video production now plays a significantly important role in business communication, training and employee education. In addition, video is used widely at events of all kinds to entertain, document and inform audiences. It is a dynamic medium by which to convey messages to your target audience, employees, funders, and the general public.

The impact of a video depends greatly on the post production and editing which is completed after all the footage has been captured, logged and organized. This is why Video Production and Editing are nothing short of visual art forms.

Production includes the addition of music or elements of sound, special effects and the creation of aesthetically appealing color compositions. The aim of Cherry Media’s creative process is to give your business the visual “X Factor,” so that your name becomes synonymous with its respective service or product – giving you the opportunity to showcase your organization in the most effective way possible.

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