Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The digital landscape is dotted with acronyms, from which the online marketing world is certainly not exempt. And if you are at all familiar with the ins and outs of how to advertise your business online, then you will have discovered the popular Pay-Per-Click advertising model.

It’s quite simple: with PPC, you pay only when your ad is clicked. This is the online equivalent of physical foot traffic into your business. One of the major benefits of creating a PPC ad campaign is that it directs targeted traffic to your organisation’s website. A key factor in any successful PPC campaign is determining the type of individual your business is targeting and the logistics of how, when and where, it would be most profitable for your business to attract their attention.

However simple the PPC model may be, online competition for the top keywords is intense. This is where Cherry Media steps in and uses the efficient tools and experience needed to bid on the best keywords, monitor the online markets, generate PPC ads which are strategically worded and keep track of your investment.

On most search engines, like Google, the PPC advertisements are those which are listed on the right hand column of the results page. So bidding for the premium spot and the top keywords can be tricky but vital to the outcome of your PPC ad campaign.

The “seasoned veterans,” of the online world at Cherry Media place great emphasis on tactically using this comparatively inexpensive method, to accomplish your organisation’s online goals.

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