Cherry Media is a graphic, web design and web development company specializing in online solutions for businesses and non-profits. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and quality work -with a social edge.

To make your experience creating a website easy, pleasant and as appealing as possible we are proud to offer our services. Cherry will guide you through the various stages of web design from hosting to site mapping to web design and development right through to deployment. 

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Web Design: What first?

If you haven't chosen a website domain name ( for your site ... start brainstorming.  Once you have 1-2 ideas consider whether you would prefer a .com, .org, .ca, etc. domain.  To improve your search engine results, we recommend you try and include a key word in your domain.  Cherry will guide you through this process and offer recommendations to ensure everything is seamless.  We also ask you to make a list of your top 3 favourite websites so we can better understand your stylistic inclination.

Web Design: Step Two

Start to sketch out your web site map.  How many pages will your website have? {Home page, About Us, Services, Portfolio, Contact, etc.}. Do you want drop down menus or simple flat panel?  Once you decide on a general layout Cherry will send you a mock web design template for your consideration before we proceed. See planning and designing a web site isn't so hard!

Web Design: Riding the Wave

Begin to organize your copy for each web page and contemplate any essential pictures you would like to include.  In addition, Cherry will supply stock photography for the website development and design.  If you have a bio section and require professional head shots, Cherry works with a talented photographer in Vancouver who can accommodate your needs at a reasonable price.

Web Design: Looking Good!

Once the website is designed, you will have online access to review your website.  Fixes and testing are then finished up before deployment.  Cherry will ensure your website is registered with all the major browsers and that it is search engine friendly. Voila!  Depending on the website complexity - the web design and development can  take anywhere from 1-4 weeks.  We are here to accommodate you.

Hosting & Domains

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